ABATE Biker Games

Free to play and watch. Open to the public. Anyone can join and anyone can win prizes. Sign up beginning an hour before games. Hot Rod Harley Davidson Lot.

Games to include:

  • Plank Walk
    • Teams of 4 people strap (foot loop strap similar to skiing) onto a plank, one behind the other.  Teams are set up beside each other and race to the finish line.
  • Extreme “Tippy Cup”
    • Teams of 5 run a course of jumping over a hay bale, crawl under a rope, “tip” a cup over on a table and race back to the start line.  First team across the line wins.
  • Blind Bucket Drop
    • The passenger on the rear of a motorcycle is blindfolded.  The driver makes his/her way along a course in a straight line where buckets are placed along the route.  The driver gives verbal directions to the passenger as to when to drop balls (or beanbags) into the buckets.  Putting a foot down is disqualification.  Team with the most buckets hit wins.
  • Slow drag
    • Last bike across the finish line without putting a foot down or crossing outside their boundary lines wins.
  • Road Hazard Race
    • Motorcycles navigate a course around pot holes, road kill, a fork in the road, road snakes and gators.  Fastest time without hitting an obstacle wins.


Date Time Event Location
July 19, 2019 03:00 pm ABATE Biker Games Sign Up Hot Rod Harley-Davdison
July 19, 2019 04:00 pm ABATE Biker Games Hot Rod Harley-Davidson

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