Live Music: RockStar

RockStar is The International Arena Rock Revolution that will bring the sights, sounds, energy  and excitement of Arena Rock Music to Muskegon Bike Time!

RockStar is 10 Tributes in one, a spectacle and a production…. complete with choreography, lights, effects, wardrobe, and 10 different iconic characters. You’ll see Freddie Mercury, Dee Snyder, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Brian Johnson, Ozzy, Axl Rose, Van Halen, and more, all in one show.

Please join us at Muskegon Bike Time where CHAPS meet SPANDEX as Rockstar sets this town ablaze for a wild night of fun for everyone.

Watch RockStar in action!

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Show times are tentative and can be affected by the weather and other factors.


Date Time Event Location
July 22, 2023 08:00 pm RockStar Hot Rod Harley-Davidson

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