Cornhole Tournament

West Michigan Cornhole is partnering with Hot Rod Harley Davidson and Muskegon Bike Time to bring you a fun night of Bikes and Bags!

This event will have two divisions playing at the same time and both divisions will be double elimination. The cost per two-person team is $40 in advance and $50 the day of.

Competitive Division — In this division, you will find some pretty good players. They can control the bag with accuracy, typically get at least two bags in the hole each throw and throw with a flat spin. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishing teams. Player’s in this division are welcome to bring and use their own bags.

Social Division — This division is for the less serious player, the backyard player, campground warrior, or tailgater! Many of these players can still hit the board but without complete control. They typically can be found playing with a drink in their hand! Prizes will be awarded to the top finishing teams. Player’s in this division will all use the provided bags.

Boards will be set up by 4:00pm to allow participants to get some practice in before the event begins. The event will begin at 5:30 and teams must be present and checked in by that time to be admitted to the event. Once we start we are unable to add any additional teams.

To register in advance follow these steps

1. Download the free mobile app scoreholio
2. Create a free Player Profile
3. Select Find a Tournament
4. Select Upcoming and search for Bike Time
5. Select the event you want to register for — Competitive or Social
6. Select Register Now!
7. The first player from a team to register will auto-generate a team by selecting Register. The second player from a team to register should click the search bar for their partner’s name and then select Join Team.
8. Payments made via Venmo only. Send $40 to @jeff-burel and include the names of both players on your team. (If asked for the last four digits of Jeff’s phone number when sending they are 2318)
9. Within Venmo the transaction will be acknowledged by Jeff confirming it has been received and completes your registration.

*This is an outdoor event and refunds will be issued only if the event is canceled.
This event will be located in the parking lot at Hot Rod Harley!


Date Time Event Location
July 15, 2022 04:00 pm Cornhole Registration Hot Rod Harley-Davidson
July 15, 2022 5:30 pm Cornhole Games Start Hot Rod Harley-Davidson

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